Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saved by 0

I can tell by looking at the news that people are worried about the economy. Now we must all realize that our worry is self fulfilling and it's time to get rid of it. If we want to stop our economy from gettting to zero, we've got to get to the zero state first. The way for us to do that is to clean. I think tapping your bills, or the word money, or the word economy with a pencil eraser, while repeating "dewdrop" will do a lot to get you and money squared and clean.

Perhaps you've heard of program trading. Simply put, that happens when computers with preset programs reach a buy or sell number on a certain stock, commodity or market. It is automatic once it's been input. Okay, so don't you feel like you, too carry around some programs that consistently and automatically respond whether they are needed to in a particular moment or not? The best way I know to stop our programs is to clean.

The news tells us that the economy seems to have gone negative. The way for us to experience that differently is to clean.

Peace of I,