Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ho'oponopono and Chuck

I don't know if you've seen NBC's delightful spy show called "Chuck," but if you watch it, you almost immediately see a continuously dramatized metaphor for one of the central truths of ho'oponopono. In ho'oponopono we believe that we have two choices: to live by memories replaying in our subconsciuos and presenting themselves as the same crap over and over in reatlity, or to live by inspiration where the memories have been freed and anything is possible.

Now, on Chuck, Chuck is a sort of geeky underachiever who got kicked out of Stanford, but through the actions of a friend who became a spy, is exposed to a super intelligent program called "The Intersect" that imprints itself on his brain and is able to give him life saving warnings and, now, instructions, when he is calm enough to accept them. What does that sound like? What's more, he can't use it when he is emotional and living by memories.

So, enjoy Chuck on NBC. It's on again in its usual spot, Monday's at 8pm starting tomorrow. But as you're enjoying it remember, we all have an Intersect inside of us, but we call it inspiration and it is far more advanced in its intelligence than Chuck's, because it comes from divinity.
Keep cleaning!