Thursday, September 22, 2011

Been Away for Awhile

Sorry about that, but I've been on a great adventure for the past 14 months and it's just about over. Anyway, I faced what is often called "the dark night of the soul" (and avoid that if you can, kids) and emerged even more positive than ever before. Trust me, it is a quantum universe, and none of us can really afford any negativity, and doubt should also set off warning bells. I don't really practice ho'oponopono so much anymore. After 3 years of incessantly performing any modality, you should at least make some dent in your biggest issues. I didn't. In fact, my two biggest issues became worse then ever.

This isn't to say ho'oponopono isn't effective, it has been for many practitioners, it wasn't for me. My results were ultimately scattershot.

Through my current adventure, I've come across some other modalities, that to me seem more directed, and also don't require incessant recitation. Two of them, that I currently use, The Healing Codes, and the Access Consciousness tools are somewhat similar to ho'oponopono because they are cleaning or clearing practices that seek to negate unhelpful memories or energies trapped inside us. You can find out more about each by googling them.

In general, everyone is trying to get you to the same state, whether they call it zero, the zone, the force, the vortex, or whatever. And what all of those things boil down to is feeling good. Cause when you feel good, your vibrations rise, and you really do attract things that delight you.

And you really don't need any modality to get there. Want to know the quickest way to go from feeling bad and attracting bad stuff, to feeling good and attracting good stuff? Skip. You cannot be pissed or angry and skip. You've never seen anyone furiously skipping after someone else.

It's that simple. Also, listening to your favorite music or being with your favorite people really helps.

Never let your outlook get anywhere below hopeful or content. Think of all the things you're grateful for and appreciate. Gratitude and Appreciation are really powerful tools. Use them a lot. Counting the things you're grateful for or love is a great way to go to sleep and good thing to do when you're brushing your teeth in the morning. Always look around for things you love when you're out and about, and you will start seeing more of them.

There's no such thing as a coincidence, there are only synchronicities and you've created them. So, if you start seeing something you really want over and over again, the universe is not taunting you, it's on the way, so keep saying yes. It also shows you that you're in alignment, and when you're there, everything you want is on the way. So keep being appreciative and grateful, and you'll start seeing the signs then getting the stuff.

Also, meditating for 5 to 15 minutes a day is great, and will reveal plenty about what's coming and going. There are a number of meditation videos on youtube. Check them out. You really don't need to be meditating for more than 15 minutes a day. And don't get frustrated if it takes several tries to quiet your mind, or keep falling asleep. Naps are good and you'll get the hang of it.

If you want me to continue this blog, now that I'm back, I will, but I'll probably be changing the name.

Peace, Love and Gratitude,


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Bumpus Dogs said...

Phil have you read The Quantum Activist? It sounds like you have or if not that you would really enjoy it.

Peace and love,