Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Miracle

Okay, I don't have a picture of my left ear, but I do have a picture of strawberries, to remind you that they are one of the cleaning foods. Anyway, the miracle has to do with my left ear. When I was in 8th grade, I had an accident at school and the inside of my left ear was injured. I was told at the time, that I might eventually experience hearing loss - and I did. Over the past several years, I have noticed the hearing in my left ear getting weaker and weaker. My friends know that I say, "Huh?" a lot when I answer the phone. What they didn't know was I was switching to my right ear, so I could hear them better and not have to keep asking them to repeat themselves. Well, tonight my hearing came all the way back!

I've been doing ho'oponopono for well over a year now, but just recently - yesterday, in fact - I stopped trying to clean specific things, and just petitioned for all of my problems, whether perceived by me or not, to be cleaned. So, tonight I was about to do some push-ups, when I once again petitioned for all my problems. I do ho'oponopono push-ups, by the way (1 I love you, 2 I love you, 3 I love you , etc. etc) and after I made my petition and started to do the push-ups, I felt something move in my left ear - and suddenly, for the first time since 8th grade my hearing was back full blast! It was a miracle!

And it all happened because I realize that God or the divinity or the universe knows better than I what my problems are, and though I am 100% responsible for apologizing and asking forgiveness for them, God knows exactly where they are. Further, I remembered that not petitioning for something was a way of telling God or the divinity or the universe that you don't think you need their help - and that can actually lead to the problem growing.

So, what I want you to take away from this in your practice of ho'oponopono is to maybe back off the cleaning of one issue or another and ask for the cleaning of all your problems. I don't know where I'd rank my left ear in my list of issues, but I do know that suddenly getting my hearing all the way back was a miracle and it is an incredible validation of the ho'oponopo process.

Peace of I,


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