Friday, March 20, 2009

Three Words Trump Three Letters

Yesterday, I had to go to that most dreaded of all places to re-register my car. Yes, it was the DMV! Now, aside from providing fodder for countless stand-up comics over the years, the DMV mostly means two things to everyone LINES and WAITING. I arrived mid-afternoon and was given number 344B. They were at number 326B at the time and were also serving C's and D's and other letters. They told me it would be "25 minutes" but the lines screamed, "longer!" So I sat down and watched to see if a B would move. The B's just weren't going anywhere. Then I remembered I could start cleaning and see what happened. If nothing else, I'd be doing some good somewhere. So I told my friend Nadene, who drove me down, to, "Watch this: I'm gonna use ho'oponopono." And as I did, the numbers suddenly starting flying off the board. After no movement at all, 344B was called within 5 minutes of me beginning my cleaning. I'm not kidding. Nadene was amazed. Also, everyone there seemed happier. Needless to say, cleaning beat the DMV and we should remember to clean wherever lines are found!
Peace of I,

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