Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Remember to Drink Blue Solar Water

It's been almost a year since I added Blue Solar Water to my practice of ho'oponopono and beyond being part of a peace I'd never known, it's also done great things for my health. Anyway, it's simple enough to make: take a blue glass bottle, can be dark or light, add tap water, then cover it with a non-metal top and leave in the sun of under an incandescent lamp for an hour or so. It's important to have no metal involved in the bottle or the capping. So ,you can use a cork, a plate, paper, saran wrap - lots of things. Then drink, and use it any way you would use water. Also, if you want to test it and have a plant, water your plant with it and watch what happens. I've had my plant for seven years and it's never looked better.

Peace of I,


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