Friday, May 29, 2009


No, it's not the delightful replays of classic TV programs that are getting you down, it's the very same programs emmanating from indside you that are making the same problems come up over and over again. For some people it's weight, for some money, for others relationships. For some it's all three or more. But each time these problems crop up, it's another invitation for us to clean them once and for all, and we can do that most easily by using the cleaning tools of ho'oponopono that are outlined here and in many of my links. So, enjoy Get Smart! or The Wild, Wild West if you can find them on the remote, but don't tolerate another moment of one of your recurrent problems without using that moment to clean. The problems are 100% your's and mine, and we've got to do the cleaning.

Peace of I,


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