Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Customer Service

The latest post over at Mabel Katz's new site http://askmabelkatz.com/ho-oponopono-works/hooponopono-being-present.html reminded me to tell you about cleaning while dealing with customer service representatives. First, it's good to keep that attitude of gratitude and loving outlook going all the time, but, I know it's challenging and I know it can be really hard when dealing with customer service reps. Well, I'm here to tell it can be so easy if you just clean. You won't believe how your dealings will be transformed. I've had better results than ever and gotten better deals than ever through my practice of ho'oponopono. So try it out next time you have to deal with a customer service rep. See it as an opportunity to make a friend and then make a great deal.

Peace of I,


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