Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Missed Metaphor

Okay, we all know the Superman story: rocketed to earth from the dying planet Krypton, he is taken in and raised by the Kents, who name him Clark. Eventually Clark grows up, gets a job at a newspaper (so he can monitor crime) and falls in love with Lois Lane. His problem is that Lois is in love with Superman. Of course most people read this as Clark wanting her to fall in love with the real him - Clark, when in fact, Lois is in love with the real him, Superman. "Clark" is just all the crappy human programming he picked up after he crash landed. Poor writing has often protrayed Clark as the real person and missed the beautiful truth of Lois's recognition. The metamessage is really that what we are is perfect and that in any other guise we are less than what we really are. So how do we get rid of these false faces and be who we really are? We practice ho'oponopono.

Peace of I,


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