Monday, July 19, 2010

Still Cleaning Against the Clock

You can see a bit of a double rainbow here from earlier this year, but I wasn't stupefied by it. It was beautiful. Anyway, as I explained in my last post I am cleaning like crazy to get rid of one program I have been working on for three years. At least, I think it's one program, it could be a network. Anway, last night I had a nightmare about it, and that to me was just another invitation to keep cleaning it. I really hope this works out, I'm throwing every tool I know at the situation.




Rich said...

Positive energy and thoughts.

Kalel9 said...

Thank you!

Rich said...

I hope things are ok.

Puffer said...

Hey Phil how have you been doing?
Hope you're doing well. Give us an update! :)

Puffer said...

Hi there,
Just curious how you were doing. Are you still practicing ho'oponopono and getting good results, or have you decided to stop? Hope you will continue blogging in the future!