Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Bit of a Miracle?

This is a 1996 Toyota Camry. The exact model of car that ran over my left foot, ankle and lower leg as it turned into me and knocked me down coming out of it's driveway at 9am on June 18th. I was actually repeating the phrases as I waited for this guy to merge into traffic. The pain was pretty severe and my lower leg received long cut up and down my shin. Why is it a bit of a miracle? The area that the car ran over never swelled up, and no part of my foot, ankle or leg was broken. In fact, within 7 days I was able to take my morning walks again. I still have some soreness, but I'm glad I cleaned my cut with blue solar water, and I'm thankful I was cleaning when I was hit, and knew to keep cleaning while it hurt. The people down at the concierge desk in my building, who saw me come in after the accident couldn't believe how soon I was walking.

As for who was driving the car, I got his information at the time of the accident, but was happy to call him two days later and let him know there would be no insurance consequences and no law suit. I was taking 100% responsibility and the good I could do was to let him off the hook, since something, somewhere inside all of us, had let me off the hook.

Peace of I,


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T said...

Hi Phil

I am impressed. Congrats on how well you've taken responsibility. I am so glad you are healing nicely. You seemed to have embraced ho'oponopono. Thank you for helping me clean!

Peace begins with me

P.S. I really enjoy your site, your writing is great and I love the pictures. :)