Friday, June 13, 2008

Ho'oponopono and the Secret

The Secret introduced the "law of attraction" to the masses. So how does the law of attraction meld with Ho'oponopono? It's an interesting subject that doesn't really get settled in Zero Limits, primarily because Dr. Hew Len doesn't seem interested in it. He reminds us that God is not our concierge. There was a concierge in the building I used to live in, and he was certainly not God, so this makes sense. Anyway, kidding aside, The Key intimates that Ho'oponopono is one of the clearing techniques one can use to eliminate counter intentions that might be in the way of what we want from the Law of Attraction.

Interestingly enough, it is in Mabel Katz's book, The Easiest Way, which was published in 2004, about two years before The Secret came out, that a clear connection between the Ho'oponopono philosophy and the Law of Attraction can be seen. On pages 59-60 of The Easiest Way, Mabel writes clearly that, "Manifesting which we desire requires much trust and confidence. The universe only needs us to take that first step." To Mabel, we must ask without expectation and just have faith and confidence. That's basically the Secret in a nutshell. And Mabel clearly uses it as part of her practice of Ho'oponopono.
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